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PMP and Project Management : Fast Tracking the Project Schedule

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Fast Tracking . The relevance of this topic is very High and highly useful in practical Project Management.

Fast-Tracking vs Crashing

There are two techniques that can be used to shorten the complete project duration and maintaining the project scope. You might have used various techniques and Fast Tracking ,might be one of them.

In Real world we generally do not use it in the right way. .


Case Study : You’ve done complete analysis in a project schedule, collected the duration estimates with the help of team, and also had developed a beautiful project schedule.

Next Day you are ready to provide it to your sponsor or customer .

Surprisingly while presenting to customer you hear “Get it done faster”.

You agreed to make it faster .

Concept : Is adding resources to project can be called Fast Tracking. Fast-tracking is actually not about adding more resources , it is a technique in which those phases or activities which are done in a parallel mode are executed sequentially.

Change : Change from Sequential mode to parallel Mode can be called Fast Tracking.

Cost : Fast-tracking would not increase the cost but indeed it does increase the risk.

Risk : As activities that were originally planned in a sequential mode are now performed in a parallel mode , it indeed increases the Risk of rework and quality.

Relationship : When we use Fast Tracking we are sure that finish-to-start relationship between the activities is discretionary and not mandatory to follow.

For using the concept in the right way , we need not to go with the words and techniques , we need to go with the real understanding of scope , urgency and dependency between activities.

Example - Fast-Tracking:

The current project schedule will not meet the timelines of the project. You determine that you could fast-track the project. The training material development would begin as soon as the screen shots are produced without waiting for the final sign-off if the screenshots produced.

This will allow the schedule to be shortened without any extra costs. This is a fast execution and if the screen shots prove to be inaccurate, we might have to perform the rework required for the training material.

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