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Project Management Amazing Facts

We all had heard planning in our life , in our work and every where. This planning has 18 Ps within and this is really amazing to discover.

If you can discover 18 Ps then you can say that you executed your plan.

Definition: Planning is the primitive and preliminary management function.

It involves deciding beforehand.

The decision can be in 17 areas before we can execute the plan.

In simple language the key four elements of planning are

  1. what

  2. when

  3. Where

  4. How

  5. who

This sounds interesting and more interesting would be when you would practically execute this 18 Ps. It is an intellectual process and it lays down what?

An organization's objectives?, Yes , Yes , it actually lays down the objective of your organization or your project. You are going to lay down your project objectives by this framework.

Just the objectives and done ?

Actually would need to develop various courses of action, which means roadmap where you would go through and would actually make your project be true in the real execution . By this organization can achieve objectives. It chalks out exactly, how to attain a specific goal.

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